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Project cargo

To SCS project cargo means strict deadlines and work according the planning of customers. Customers expect a complete solution: shipping, road transport, cargo handling or even assembly/positioning on a location. With project cargo, one way or the other, many parties are involved. SCS offers a smart and cheap solution, by using an extensive network. Next to that, you have one contact person within SCS, one point for all your communication. To see how SCS handled project cargo before, please visit the reference section of this website.

What SCS can offer you:

– Warehouse for heavy cargo
– Rental servicesCrane rental in Europe
– Cherry picker rental in Europe
– Dragline mats / crane mats rental in Europe
– Forklift rental in Europe
– Jacking / skidding equipment
– Hydraulic lifting equipment
– Heavy duty rollers
– Rental of other equipment in Europe
– European inland transport of machinery or equipment
– Shipping
– Import and export
– Act as European partner / European agent
– Assembly / disassembly
– Industrial removals /  industrial relocations
– Handling heavy haulage project cargo


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