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Supply chain

SCS Supply chain service means that SCS takes care of your regular transports. Before a customer and SCS start a successful cooperation, a thorough evaluation of the transport volumes will be made. Besides that SCS carefully considers questions such as: What are the type of goods? Are there fixed collect and delivery times? Are there any other special requirements to be taken into account? Transport firms are often designed to transport pallets from A to B without too many constraints. This is a very simple service which often does not meet the customer demands. If you deviate from the ‘general norms’ you will soon be in conflict with a transport or logistics firm.

If your shipments are time critical, your product does not fit on a pallet, your product needs to be offloaded by a crane, your shipments have rapid delivery times, your products need to be handled with care, your shipments need to be handled in a discrete manner and thus differ from the standard transport service, SCS wants you as a customer.

What SCS can offer you:

– Fixed contact person who deals with all your shipments, to any country
– 24/7 availability
– Evaluation of your transport volumes and fixed cargo streams. This way SCS can assist you to purchase your transports for favourable prices and control your shipments
– Sincere help and honest advice in any transport matter, if something is without our scope of expertise, you will be directed to the right party


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