SCS Logistics offers a unique international Customs service across Europe. Together with our dedicated partners in all European ports, (for example in Hamburg, Bremerhaven, Antwerp, Cadiz, Genova, Kotka, Aberdeen, Rotterdam, Gdansk, Marseille, Constanta) we are able to take care of the following documentation.

  • Import clearance
  • Export clearance
  • Transit documents (T1 / T2)


When importing your goods from a country outside the European Union (EU) you have to place the goods in a customs procedure, through a customs declaration at Customs. This is usually referred to as completing the customs formalities for placing the goods in free circulation (IM4) and where you could be confronted with the application of import duties and VAT.


In order to export your goods from the Netherlands or another country in the European Union (EU) to a country outside the European Union, you need to issue an export document (EX-A or EU-A). This document must be submitted in the Export Control System (ECS). This system is required for export throughout the EU, so that Customs gains a better view into which goods leave the EU. The advantage for you is that we can submit the declaration at any location in the Netherlands. This guarantees fast handling and allows the transport to take place as quickly as possible.

  • EUR1 certificate
  • Certificate of Origin
  • ATR Certificate
  • T2L(F) document


Origin documents, such as EUR1 certificate and Certificate of Origin (CoO) are requested upon import into the country of destination for various reasons. For instance when countries introduce trade regulations with the goal of stimulating their markets (discount or exemption from import duties) or, on the contrary, shielding them (additional levies or product-specific measures). Therfore the origin of the goods is important in these trade regulations.

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