SCS logistics bv is an expert in the field of total project solutions. For example, we have years of experience in ship mobilization and demobilization. In the preliminary phase, we determine how we work together with the client. We look at the material to be transported and then come up with a proposal of how to load and what we will load on which type of truck. We then examine how many trucks can be loaded or unloaded at the shipyard per day. If required, we set a truck every half hour and load up to 15 trucks per day. We will do all possible to ensure that the ship can leave as quickly as possible.

Another common thing is our one-way container trucking through Europe. It is becoming increasingly common for container ships to be delayed by extreme weather or congestion in the ports. Because of this, containers are delayed. In order to catch up with that time, many customers choose to take the containers off at another port earlier, and send them further by truck to the recipient. Sometimes, this way you can win more than 1 week of time. SCS offers the customer one-way container trucking within Europe. We also provide our customers with the necessary advice for custom clearance in the port concerned.

In addition, we transport many tower cranes and crawler cranes throughout Europe for the construction sites and wind turbines. In this type of operations, we are loading and unloading about 10 trucks per day. With a total of around 40 transports with open trailers, semi low-loaders and euro low-loaders. We then load 1 truck every hour so that the operation runs smoothly and does not stop. We also use this method of working for factory removals, transport for large-scale construction projects, transport of production lines and for example the mobilization of events. Projects of over 60 shipments within 1 week are no exception for us.

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