Ship supply

SCS logistics BV is a specialist in ship supply. Every day we perform about 90 deliveries to various ports throughout Europe.

We offer daily transport to almost all ports in Europe and neighboring countries such as Albania, Turkey, Tunisia, Morocco, Gibraltar and Norway. In addition, we have our own specific liner services for transporting ship components to the European Islands, Tenerife, Las Palmas, Mallorca, Malta, Sardinia and Cyprus.

We also offer a fast service to the ports around the Black and Caspian Sea. We transport many ship components to, Baku Azerbaijan, Aktau and Atiraw Kazakhstan, Odessa and Anapa Russia.

We offer a complete package of services. From one box per express to a luxury yacht up to complete mobilizations of cruises, drilling rigs, dredgers and jack-up crane vessels.

Precise delivery times and control over the delivery times are the most important factors. The customs activities are also regulated differently in each port. SCS knows almost all ports and his agents in Europe, so that proper handling of customs issues and delivery is a guarantee. In addition, we can provide our customers with useful tips in advance.

In addition to all the options for regular transport by group trailer or by express, we also offer a super-fast service for exceptional transport. Think of the transport of oversize anchors, screws, pump housings, pipes, engines, fenders etc. We have many permits to almost all European ports so we can transport up to 4.5 meters wide quickly without having to wait weeks for permits.

Due to our large volume and network, we are able to load and deliver within 24 hours, almost anywhere in Europe. Whether it is a shipment from Finland to Spain or from Italy to England. Try us, everything is possible.

Time is money in this branch and that is why we answer every request within 30 minutes with various options and rates. Contact us or send a non-binding inquiry and experience our speed and knowledge of the ship’s supply.