About SCS



We are pleased to introduce you SCS Logistics BV. Serving customers from all over the world since the year 2000.
We focus on transport and logistics that deviates from the standard type of transport. All of our team members have a VCA diploma, so they can provide you with the right advice for your transport question! Transport and logistics activities that require flexibility, transparency, control, dedication and know-how, resulting in a high service standard. The transport of pallets from A to B within a normal time frame is the simplest form of logistics. Many transport companies are capable to offer this service. If you have a machine, project cargo, products with abnormal measurements (out of gauge cargo), cargo to be shipped to a remote location, urgent shipments or anything else which is different from the ‘day to day’ logistics; SCS Logistics is more than willing to offer you their service.


Transport to Albania
Transport to Cyprus
Transport to Estonia
Transport to Greece
Transport to Israel
Transport to Italy
Transport to Latvia
Transport to Lithuania
Transport to Malta
Transport to Spain
Transport to the Canary Islands
Transport to Tunisia
Transport to Turkey


A transport firm is often bound to its own equipment and the service it can offer just by itself. SCS maintains a network of high quality partners they can rely on. If firm A cannot deliver a required service, there is always a back-up. SCS challenges you to ask for a solution they cannot offer.


‘Where people work, mistakes will always be made’. If there is delay in your shipment, or in case anything else is deemed to go wrong, you will be informed, timely. SCS believes being honest will help both SCS as well as the customer to anticipate in case a mistake has been made. No matter who made the mistake, it will be fixed.


SCS only works with fixed partners; reliability is the key in this matter. SCS implemented a standard policy in which all shipments and projects are being checked every morning. This way optimal control of a project or shipment is created and problems can be dealt with in an early stadium, often without even bothering you, the customer.


If you are a customer of SCS, you will be assigned one contact person. He or she will assist you in any matter. All communication will go through this single source, simplifying communication to a maximum. Your contact person will happily assist you in any matter and is available 24/7.


Of utmost importance is know-how. Employees working for SCS have years of experience in creating smart logistic and transport solutions. For complicated projects simple and straight forward solutions are being created internally, and presented to you by your SCS contact.