Co2 Footprint

SCS Logistics BV with attention to the environment.

As a leading transport organization, it is essential to pay attention to environmental awareness. That is why we have been focusing on various sustainability initiatives for some time with the aim of reducing global CO₂ emissions. We have been researching the feasibility of CO₂-neutral transport for years, with the aim of making our entire company function as environmentally friendly as possible and thus making a positive contribution.

We offer our customers the opportunity to reduce their own carbon footprint. For a small additional contribution, we will offset your CO₂ emissions. This includes not only emissions from the combustion of fuel in our transport vehicles, but also CO₂ emissions from crude oil extraction and the refining process. We achieve this compensation by investing in international, certified CO₂ compensation projects that combat deforestation and plant new trees. This way your CO₂ footprint is completely wiped out at the end of the journey.

The benefits of CO2 neutral driving

At SCS Logistics we have a strong focus on the environment and sustainability. We reduce the impact on the environment by offering you the option of CO₂-neutral transport. This is also beneficial for your company, because you also reduce your CO₂ footprint. Would you like to personally experience what SCS Logistics can do for you? Please feel free to contact us or request a quote without obligation. Our employees are happy to assist you!