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Transport to and from Malta

Looking for a specialist in express or FTL transport to Malta? Or an expert in project-based transport and exceptional transport?
SCS Logistics is your right partner for this island.

We understand what urgency and service means.

We provide transport between the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and United Kingdom to Malta on a weekly basis. We understand what fast and service means! That is why every actual request will be processed within 30 minutes !!

Loading within a couple of hours? No problem!

  • Specialist in express- and project cargo
  • Full service: everything under one roof

Project cargo Malta

We have extensive experience in mobilization and demobilization of ships, factory relocations and event mobilization. If you want to send this by means of covered trailers, open trailers or smaller express trucks, SCS is then your right partner.

Customs department Malta

Malta is an EU member state, in most cases only a CMR is enough. For ship parts, our experienced customs-department can assist in creating a T1 or T2 document.

International trade Malta

Being the smallest EU Member State, the Maltese economy depends on other countries for many supplies. Malta’s free market economy is the smallest in the eurozone and depends mainly on trade with Europe for both goods and services. After joining the EU in 2004, the agricultural sector in Malta has developed further. For the Netherlands, Malta ranks number 76 in terms of countries to which we export goods. In 2019, the export of Dutch goods to Malta amounted to € 380.0 million. The following sectors in Malta are very interesting for trade: Manufacturing, automotive components, medical devices pharmaceuticals, electronic components and the maritime sector.

Available vehicles transport to Malta

SCS Logistics is specialized in transport that deviates from standard pallet transport. That’s why we have the following vehicles available:

  • Curtainsider or tautliner
  • Box trailer, only loading from back.
  • Road-train tautliner.
  • Reefer / temperature controlled boxtrailer with two different compartments (cooling or Frigo).
  • Trailers with full ADR / DG equipment (up or below 100 points).
  • Exceptional transport: Semi, flatbed, lowbed or more axles with requested permits depending on country.  
  • Express Avia / sprinter VAN or BOX truck for urgent transports (max. 1100 KG).

Your transport to Malta specialist

  • Groupage-transport Malta
  • Express transport Malta
  • Time-critical ship spares Malta
  • Unburdening permits and customs documentation, Malta
  • Special transport Malta
  • Cabotage transport Malta
  • LTL-transport Malta
  • Exceptional transport Malta
  • Express delivery’s Malta
  • Shipsupply Malta
  • Courier services Malta
  • Transport of dangerous goods, Malta
  • Time-critical airfreight Malta
  • Time-critical car parts, Malta