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Ship supply

Within the transport sector supplying ships is a specialty. Why is it different from normal transports?

Transporting and supplying ship parts comes along with requirements and constraints that deviate from normal transports in many ways. It all starts with a good communication. Therefore our office is open 24/7. But don’t forget: accurate delivery times and more importantly, being in control of delivery times are critical factors.

A ship which is laying in a harbour cost money. SCS is aware that timely delivery of ship spare parts are of utmost importance to their customers. Due to the experience with these shipments SCS knows what service to offer and how to cope with problems. SCS always tries to comply with important delivery times, at all costs.

What SCS can offer you:

– Port authorities handling
– Cargo handling in the harbour
– Overnight deliveries
– Crane rental
– Abnormal measurements / out of gauge container cargo.
– Dedicated and time critical shipments
– Project cargo
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